2014 in Review: You’re Welcome

When we started this little blog of ours, who knew it would be so influential?

The Middle East has gone from almost, sorta, kind-of stable to a powder-keg just waiting for  the right ignition point.  Insane radical Islamists are taking advantage of the US President’s incompetence and/or indifference to completely destroy a potentially stable ally.  The war between Israel and Hamas may be over, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t start up again in a New York minute.  Russia is wildly swinging between being an emerging super-power once again, with designs on rebuilding the USSR, and falling yet again into a deep recession, thanks to complete and total dependence on oil revenues to fund it’s ambitions at a time when the price is plummeting.

Here at home, we have a major corporation capitulating to the insane demands of a deranged despotic ruler of a dystopian nightmare who’s people raised their heads from their daily ration of cardboard soup to engage in highly sophisticated cyberwarOr not.  Whatever.  Who cares about facts or evidence anymore, amirite?  So what if the President of the United States basically threatens another country with a “proportional response at a time and place of our choosing” over what seems to be bad intel?  Can’t wait to see the signs at those protest marches that I’m sure are being organized even as I type.

And speaking of those pesky facts, let’s be sure to not let them get in the way of a good narrative.  From the completely invalidated Rolling Stone article, falsely accusing UVa frat members of gang-raping a female student, to the chants of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot“, based on complete and vile fabrications of people who just want to “Burn this Bitch Down!”, the concept of “facts” has become so passé as to be considered quaint.  Screw that silliness.  Seriously, how can someone be motivated to vandalize, loot and murder based on the actual truth?  Nah, much easier to incite hatred and violence with lies and fabrications.  That’s how the fun really begins.

Ebola was a CRISIS OF EARTH-SHATTERING IMPORTANCE THAT WAS GOING TO DESTROY THE WORLD!!!  or notPlanes disappeared. or were being shot down.  Or maybe it was black holes.  The IRS continued to stonewall with no negative repercussions to be had.  Young girls were kidnapped and murdered by one militant Islamist group while another was beheading children for fun and prophet.  Meanwhile, President Obama keeps freeing known terrorists from prison so they could get back to the work of killing Americans.  More people are on food stamps in the US than at any other time in our history.  But the economy is roaring! We’re Number 2!! More troops heading back to Iraq.  (Again, I expect the protests to start ramping up any second now.)

Of course, we here at AI really can’t take all of the credit for the current state of chaos that we’ve experiencing.

We have a feckless semi-retired President who, after taking a major shellacking in the 2014 mid-term elections, has decided to ramp up his destructive anarchy while barely missing a 3″ putt for a double-bogie on the 16th hole. We have racist news reporters, “religious leaders” and idiotic mayors who are more than happy to stoke the flames of racial animus for their own personal profit.  So what if a couple of cops are gunned down in cold blood by some lunatic Muslim thug who was very likely motivated to action by these same hate-mongering agitators?  The purpose is chaos.  All actions, including murder, are simply means to that end.  We have a media that continues to be more interested in hype than actual news and who are so in the bag with the current administration that they are now inter-breeding.

So as we here at AI take a look back at the events of this past year, we can honestly say “Nice work, everyone!”

And we’re looking forward to seeing just how much worse things can get in 2015!

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One comment on “2014 in Review: You’re Welcome
  1. Hotspur says:

    Whomever wrote this did a good job.

    while another was beheading children for fun and prophet.


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