Embrace the Hate


Are you tired of the false peace between neighboring nations? Do you bristle at the thought of yet another round of peace talks and territorial concessions mediated by third parties in thousand-dollar suits? Wish they’d just stop ignoring decades, centuries, and millennia of ethnic and ideological conflict and get to the war they really want to have?

You are not alone! We’re the people of Animosity International, and we think this crap has gone on just about long enough. It’s time for someone to light this powder keg and just get the shooting wars over with.

Now, we won’t be lighting that keg, but we do sell some sweet t-shirts, mugs, and other assorted apparel bearing our logo so you can show others that you share our hope for real conflict resolution. Visit us today at our CafePress store and join the fight to have the fight.

2 comments on “Embrace the Hate
  1. My shorts, you may eat them.

Bring it.

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